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Race2Play conducts multiplayer online auto races connecting thousands of like-minded drivers around the world in a professionally organized system.

It was the first-ever online racing to be sanctioned by actual racing, achieving the recognition of the National Auto Sport Association (U.S.) in 2006.

Using modern racing simulations for the PC, drivers around the world compete against each other online in hundreds of different cars on hundreds of different tracks. The thousands of drivers from more than 100 countries include everyone from professionals in FIA GT, Champ Car and NASCAR to semiprofessional and amateur racers, and PC racing enthusiasts.

Race2Play has been featured in such magazines as Performance Racing News, Grassroots Motorsports and Auto Sim Sport.

Race2Play is powered by a proprietary web application designed and developed uniquely for online racing drivers and teams. Auto Sim Sport magazine called it "the next big thing ... (promising) to revolutionize the way we go about our cyber-racing lives."

Setup Fu

Master the art of race car setup with the secrets of Setup Fu. Go faster in the garage, faster on the track.

Setup Fu is home to the Setup Wizard, a software program incoprorating numerous tools for easing the guesswork and uncertainty out of the race car setup development process. It takes the settings and results from a test run, driver's description of the handling, and produces options and recommendations to improve the car's handling and balance.

The Setup Wizard was developed in collaboration with car chiefs and engineers of 20+ years practical experience to be used by real world racers and track day drivers. The intelligence and recommendations produced are valid for any racing simulation supporting realistic physics, as well.

The website also features a knowledge base of articles and tips for explainging and unlocking the mysteries of race car physics and mechanics and chassis adjustments.

Who we are

VindexWorks Inc. was founded in 2006, and is incorporated in the state of Colorado, United States.

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